Dresden and Bastei 2013

Weekend holidays at Dresden with a side trip to the Bastei, September 2013.
No doubt, Dresden is one of the most beautiful german cities, not least because it has been invested much in restoration of old buildings and attractions in the decades after World War II.

Amongst others, the Zwinger, the Cathedral and the Semperoper were, albeit sluggishly, already restored in GDR times. The Frauenkirche, whose ruins should firstly stand as a memorial, was rebuilt by using as many original stones between 1996 and 2005.
The Neumarkt quarter, which was laying idle till then, was rebuilt according to the prewar housing and blends harmoniously into the cityscape now. So the city attracts a lot of visitors by its historical, mainly Baroque, architecture.
Not far from Dresden the Elbe Sandstone Mountains begin. The Bastei rocks with the well known Basteibrücke near Rathen is probably the most famous outlook of Saxon Switzerland. A trip on a Sunday afternoon is possible, but admittedly much too short.
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