Hardangervidda 2016

Trekking holiday in Hardangervidda, August 2016.
Hardangervidda is with a size of 8,000 km² the largest high plateau in Europe and half as large as Schleswig-Holstein. It’s mostly between 1,200 and 1,400 meters above sea level. The tree-less landscape is rich of water and covered with stones, moss and grass. At the northern end of the plateau you find Hardangerjøkulen, a 73 km² large plateau glacier, which has been used to prepare polar expeditions and to shoot the ice planet scenes of “The Empire strikes back”.

The planned route from Finse Station all through the national park to Trolltunga early turned out to be to time-consuming, not at last due to the muddy paths. As a safe alternative I chose to make the southern half of the round around the glacier, to also visit the glacier tongue Rembesdalskåka and the cliffs above Simadal, and go then further to Vøringsfossen. This way there was enough time to make some tramps and bus tours for smaller hikes to Trolltunga, the Kinso river waterfalls, and – at the day of departure – a small hike from Haugastøl station in direction of Hallingskarvet and back.
Despite of the bad weather breathtaking views and unparalleled experiences arose, like the traverse of an ice field close to its edge, where a part of it has burst of into a lake, endless hours of waiting for better weather at Trolltunga, while rain and wind demolish the tent, and an eagle, which suddenly appears in the fog at the cliffs and then turned a few meters in front of me.
To make a fotograph, the eagle came to suddenly and to overwhelming, but nevertheless I brought some quite impressing pictures back home…
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