Lysefjord 2014

Hiking at Lysefjord, June 2014.
Back to the roots: Nine days backpacking through this impressive landscape. Hiking, camping, washing in lakes and creeks and making photographs.
Only 20 km air line from Stavanger, the rough terrain with its 400 to 1100 meters high mountain knolls begins and falls in steep granite walls and waterfall studded forests down to the fjord.

While Pulpit Rock, a rock platform 600 meters above the fjord, and Kjerag with its 1000 meters high cliff are some of Norway’s most popular landmarks with appropriate visitor streams, the rest of the thin populated mountainous landscape is some kind of untapped. You can wander days without meeting anybody.
Even paths that are not much above sea level beneath a lake may have a very alpine charakter here. Unfortunately, the markers of some ways could not be found, so the planned route around the whole fjord wasn’t possible.
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