Website and pictures: Martin Ossendorf, Cologne

Picture rights:
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Just ask to get a license 😉

Thousands of photos had to be taken, till I finally searched out best ones to prepare and till I set up a website on which they are presented.

Photography is one of my long-time hobbies, done with the SLR or with my self-built camera obscura. Likewise, I would call travelling a hobby of mine, even if it is admittedly done far too seldom. But, quite advantageous, on a journey there are many impressions that are worth to be retained.
It’s not unusual, that the selection afterwards is the actual work. An endless series of pictures you mostly won’t view again, and the images, which have a particularly good impression or appear artistically valuable, are lost in the crowd. To avoid this, I made this small gallery.

I wish you a lot of fun!